Friday, January 16, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: One Canoe Two

While you may not know this company by name, there is a pretty good chance you have a One Canoe Two card at home in your card stash as we speak. This great company was started by 3 women, Carrie, Beth, and Karen in Columbia, Missouri back in 2009. 
You know that sweet little NH state print that is so popular we have a time time keeping it in stock? You can thankCarrie, Beth, and Karen for that. 


Every card, art print, and calendar starts off as a beautiful original work of art by Carrie. Its so exciting to see a quick notebook sketch turn into a finished card. 


Here is a look at some of Once Canoe Two's newest offerings and some of my all time favorites

While we haven't heard yet what this onion and radish painting are going to turn into, but I'd be pretty excited to see each as month for the 2016 Oversized wall calendar!

all these lovely photos are courtesy of One Canoe Two

Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's up with the washi tape?!

We're almost two weeks into the new year (how did that happen?) and every year around this time, I find this extra little bit of motivation where I ponder, 'Hey, how can everything I do be easier, prettier, and more fun?' This answer: Washi tape. Washi tape is an acid-free, subtly sticky, decorative paper tape. You may be thinking, 'Wait, what the heck am I suppose to do with that beautiful tape, and how is it suppose to make anything easier, prettier, or more fun?' Well friends, I've done a washi tape round up. Here are some of my favorite ways to add a little color to the everyday.
 Above (clockwise from left): Add washi to a planter for an extra bit of color. // Washi tape garlands are the cutest, just fold the sticky sides together over some string and trim the ends. You could use a couple of colors to match a theme or go wild and do one of every roll you've got. // Add washi tape to your keys and instantly become more organized. // Who knew keeping that soup can from lunch would look so good and keep your desk organized too? // Never let your charger go rogue again, and know what you're plugging in by color coordinating your chords. 
Make your very own washi tape stickers. Put 'em on your notebooks like this